Recording with David Richards on the Gold Coast.

Thursday morning, bright and early I was set on my way to the usually sunny Gold Coast. Arriving by plane it was cold and rainy, but that didn't dampen my excitement, especially coming from the dry bush where we haven't seen rain in so long. Anyway, enough about the weather. I was ecstatic to land and start my journey, and start with a bang it did, meeting up with David, and Randall and going to see the studio. Yippie!!!! Next, I met up with my best mate Jayson, thank you for all your support and your brilliant photography skills! I hope you had the best time and learnt a lot as I did. 

FRIDAY Day one of recording I met the wonderful drummer extraordinaire John Barns, He was just excellent at his craft., Doesn't just play the usual, thinks outside the box. We started laying down the basics for both songs and talking a lot about the arrangements getting into the groove in the songs. Working out stops starts where the pieces of the puzzle were going to be created and put together. That night we went back to the room that was supplied to us by the studio owner Randall, and over a few light refreshments got to know our new-found friends a bit more talking about their experienced careers in the industry and exchanging stories about our musical Endeavours. 

SATURDAY Day two; Waking up to the beautiful view of the beach, feeling a bit peckish, Jayson and I decided to find a nice place for breakfast, which we went to every morning from then, at the Broadbeach Surf Club where we had the most delicious breakfast. Sausages, hash browns, eggs, tomato, my gosh...*drooling*. Back at the recording studio, the tunes started to evolve and take shape, with David laying down electric guitar parts and me doing some vocals. Talking and working out musical arrangements. You could just feel it all coming together and evolving as more time went on, and I had smiles from ear to ear the whole day. I was dancing around the studio the whole time having so much fun and the songs weren’t even finished yet. So much more room for sound.    

SUNDAY Day three; My final day in the studio, so much was achieved. The talented Christopher young provided the organ sounds, I played some banjo sounds, and everyone pitched in to do backup vocals and wow! it was sounding amazing. My great friend two harps Chris Evenson arrived for a visit and was roped in to playing harmonica, I am glad he was there to enjoy this time with me as he is a major influence in my musical journey and a good friend, as are all the members of the Ned and the Kelly's Band from Charleville.  Anyway, getting off track. The tracks were sounding amazing thanks to the efforts of David Richards, john barns, and Christopher young, but “Hugh” was missing for most of the time lol. Alas, the last day was over and I didn’t want to leave. I had the best experience working with these talented group of friendly musicians, I really enjoyed the experience and their hospitality and we all had a lot of fun.      

MONDAY Day four: fly home- fell asleep on the plane over looking the marshmallow clouds and looking down at the world below, looking forward to hugging my beautiful supportive and tolerant wife who I missed so much throughout this experience. Thanks for being so understanding.  

Special mentions: David Richards thanks for your support and your hard work and providing your skills and being the producer for this project, we have produced four great songs together now, and I’m sure there will be many more fun times had into the future. Throughout this whole experience, in between takes, my friend Jayson Mengel who has been there, taking photos and crating footage for a film clip that would encapsulate this whole experience and crating memories to last a life time. such as my new name acgc which seems to be a parody of acdc. acgc are my favourite cords to use. and just being there as a good friend to drive me around the city to and from the studio, being someone to chat to about the music and bouncing ideas off. Thanks for being there Jayson.


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