Music and food are the same, both use different ingredients to make something spectacular. ”

— Scotty Mack

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repertoire of cover songs this file is a snap shot of what cover songs i perform at gigs. as well as my own originals thrown in. 15.8 KB



Introducing Scotty Mack  

The New Sound of Australian Country  

Scotty Mack hails from Charleville in Western Queensland. His love of music started after picking up the guitar at the age of ten following the sad loss of his father. From that moment on, he never put it down. With the help of his mother, he went on to perform in country music competitions and festivals all over Australia.  

Winning many awards in his childhood years and even performing at the Champion of Champions Country Music Festivals. He has been a Road to Tamworth finalist and was a member of The Roma Country Music Club and used this as a practice ground to hone his craft. He then went on to compete against the likes of the The McClymonts, Kirsty Lee Akers who were just starting out competing in country music competitions themselves.  

A Singer Songwriter and Storyteller who can get any Country crowd on their feet, Scotty is quite the entertainer and has spent a lot of time and hard work playing music in pubs and bars around Queensland. Some of his fondest memories include performing at The Great Western Hotel in Rockhampton, where he supported act The Wolfe Brothers, singing on radio with Troy Cassar-Daley and an impromptu performance at a Tania Kernigan concert.  

Scotty writes songs that are deeply relatable and tell true stories of the things he feels and sees, very much like Slim Dusty did way back. His music makes you feel something, after all, that’s what music is all about, taking you on an emotional journey. His music is honest and heartfelt. He has moved now to recording some world-class music together with Producer David Richards.  

On a search for new Singer Songwriter talent, David discovered Scotty in 2016 when doing a production of Songwriters who had submitted songs for a West meets City CD released in 2016.  

David has worked Internationally with artists from Keith Urban to Christina Aguilera to Lady Gaga to Andre Rieu and he has worked tirelessly to produce Scotty’s debut EP, making it as special as it deserves to be.  

His new album is due out December 2018 and we can now enjoy the new honest sound of Australian Country Music … Scotty Mack  

We’ll let the songs speak for themselves. They’re pretty special…

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